Constitution of PLÉ

1. The name of the association shall be “PLÉ, Pedagogy, Learning and Education” and in Irish, “Teagasc, Foghlaim agus Oideachas”.
2. The members are lecturers on degree level courses in higher education institutions in Ireland.
3. Membership shall be renewed at each Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The aims of the association are to:
✓ Advance early childhood education in Ireland through quality academic endeavour
✓ Remain up to date with developments in the sector
✓ Engage in and promote positive partnership with the whole sector.

The functions of the association are to:
✓ Support each other as members of the early childhood education sector, share information and to collaborate on research and activities
✓ Contribute to the strengthening of the identity of the ECE sector
✓ Consolidate and strengthen the role of education for ECE professionals
✓ Develop an Irish-based body of knowledge on ECE issues
✓ Ensure ongoing commitment to high quality education for ECE professionals
✓ Work in partnership as a team to promote these objectives

4. A committee consisting of a chairperson, deputy chair, secretary and treasurer shall be elected at the AGM.
5. The term of office will be for two years.
6. The affairs of the association shall be conducted by the committee.
7. Each member institution will be entitled to one vote at committee meetings, AGMs and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM).
8. All elections will be conducted by means of a single transferable vote.
9. At committee meetings, 50% of committee membership shall constitute a quorum.
10. An AGM of the association will take place every year.
11. Each member institution shall pay an annual subscription of €200.
12. At least four weeks prior to the AGM, each member of the association shall be sent a preliminary notice listing the main business to come before the meeting.
13. An EGM shall be held by request of the committee or by one third of the membership.
14. In the event that there is a tied vote at any meeting, the chairperson shall have a casting vote.
15. It is expected that each member institution shall attend and participate at meetings, conferences and working groups.
16. In the case of the association dissolving, any assets shall be applied to a charity or charities of the association’s choice.
17. Any doubts that may arise as to the interpretation of this constitution shall be determined by the committee, subject to appeal to a general meeting.